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2011-02-08 6-44-26-

college guy here, looking for dating I'm masculine, in shape VERY GOOD LOOKING, level headed, I work fulltime and go to school. I have my s swingers cuero hit together and am looking for someone who does too. I want to be taken out on a date or two, and see what happens. This isn't for a hookup. Send me some info about yourself and a few pics, impress me :) I'm not into fem guys or anyone over 35. Don't be a loser!
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2011-02-11 1-25-26-

seeking intuitive/opinionated SWF who agrees with me on these issues: Please read before responding: This post is very lo executive matchmaking Okolona MS ng. Please read the entire post before responding. I do have interests and beliefs which are not mainstream and if you don't agree with them then find a post you do agree with. Please do not write back and say, "Oh, I guess I missed that" or some other inane answer. For some ungodly reason, I have received a lot of hate mail and incredibly immature responses. If you don't agree with what I have posted that is OK but please do not send hate mail. No men. I agree with all of the issues/quotes posted or else I would not have posted them. I did NOT make up the quotes they are actual quotes if the author is known it is stated otherwise it is anonymous. Please do not send email in reply and then just dissapear. Some of the issues posted were inspired by alist respondents. However, I am NOT seeking an email friendship, instant messaging friendship, friendship, Internet/on-line friendship nor idle chit-chat. No platonic friendships of any kind. If you are just seeking a "pal" or just someone to talk to please read other ads. If you are hung up on looks, penis size and/or seeking an individual with GQ looks please read other ads. I am seeking a real-time, in-person monagamous, long-term association with an intuitive, opinionated, highly intelligent individual with a positive, upbeat attitude and outlook who agrees with me on a majority of the issues, wants a mutually agreeable and pleasurable assocation and is open-minded, and has the same intimate interests that I do or at least is interested in exploring my intimate interests. Please be extremely affectionate, loving and caring. No smoking, no STD's, no exceptions. Please do not send or ask for a photo. If you desperately need to see a photo then respond to other ads. Please value what the individual has to offer from within rather than what they look like. Serious replies only. Please be respectful of my thoughts, feelings, beliefs and interests. Thank you for your interest. Except for the quotes citations all of the issues sated as is are in this posters own words and none of it has been plagarized nor copied not in any way, shape nor form. I have never married, no ren seeking a monagamous LTR with an extremely affectionate, loving, caring SWF. Please do not be mean nor emotionally abusive. If you are just looking to just talk on the or email back and forth or just want a platonic "friend" just because you have nothing else better to do and/or are very lonely then find someone else who is willing do that because it isn't me. THE ISSUES: "It's God's Job to Forgive Bin Laden - It's Our Job To Arrange The Meeting" Regardless if you are male or female, and deep down inside you know you are NOT ready for anything, much less an intimate association of any kind, a relationship or even a casual encounter, then you really have to ask yourself, “Why am I reading and responding to personal ads?” Not only is it very misleading, selfish and self-centered, you are being also extremely unfair, and lying, not only to yourself but to the person you are responding to. Knock it off until you are really ready. Until then you are just presenting yourself as something your not. “Women and cats do as they please and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea” (Heinlein) “The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug” (Mark Twain) “The human voice is the most important instrument at our disposal, yet it is of the most difficult to understand or define. You either hear it, or you don't. It either moves you, or it leaves you is more than just a is the soul itself”. (Neil Diamond) Big dicks usually are Do you want to know if someone really really likes you and/or has feelings for you? Send them an e-card, such as with a smiley face and/or a bear hug. If they do NOT send back to you in return, then you have your answer. Hurts doesn't it. You don't need them in your life anyway. By their own actions (or lack thereof), the fact that they didn't even bother to send you an e-card in return indicates what type of person they really are-very selfish and self-centered, lack respect and they are only thinking of themselves. Be thankful that you didn't get completely involved with that type of individual. Find the that will respect YOU in return. Regardless if you are male or female, when you meet a potential date, even on a first meeting, if you are immediately NOT attracted to the way they “look”, for whatever reason, then at least introduce yourself and/or have a cup of coffee with that individual. After communicating with them, you may just learn more about yourself besides the fact that you are immensely shallow to begin with. . .if you just blow them off without saying anything, not even shaking hands with them or any type of introduction, not even saying hello, then already that says more about you than you want to admit and, frankly, you are coming across as a complete and total immature, extremely self-centered jerk that, even in the short run, no is going to want nor even be around, not in any way, shape or form . . The Jet Blue asshole a hero? Hardly. His actions were extremely immature and out-of-control. Sure, flying has become frustrating and not fun anymore. What part of life hasn't? We shouldn't applaud this idiot's actions nor his behaviors. Stress is an on-going daily struggle. You can't control the actions of others only of your own self. So that means his actions were justified and we should look up to him? Please. . . Even on a first meeting, if your date/partner doesn't want to nail the hell out of you and/or share some form of closeness/intimacy with you, and even suggests and/or give you the impression they can "wait", then they are either seeing someone else and/or having their needs met elsewhere. And basiy, what does it matter? In essence, regardless if you are male or female, if you are in a situation where your intimate needs aren't being met, you are going to do everything you can to get those needs met. . .intimacy, desires and the need for affection, touch and acceptance are almost always overwhelming and, at times, become a number priority. . .let's face the truth, sex for can get real boring really fast Regardless if you are male or female, if you absolutely, positively, without question, need to see a photo before meeting, then you really need to take a good look at yourself in your own mirror, and in your own heart and ask youself why you are so insecure about your own self-image and why physical attraction is so highly important to you “You can close your eyes to thing things you don’t want to see, but you cannot close your heart to the things you do not want to feel” No matter how hard you try letting go and/or moving on, no matter how much you try to forgive and/or forget, hurt always will follow you around. . .and will never leave you "The greatest mistake a [person] can ever make is to be afraid of making " (Hubbard) Regardless if you are male or female, if you have no idea what you want and no idea what you are looking for, then how is anyone else supposed to know? Get to know yourself first. . .and then after that. . .get to know yourself again. . . When you think of the word "racist" individual immediately comes to mind. . .hhhhhhhmmmmmm. . .I wonder who that could be. . .maybe we should ask President Obama I bet he will know the answer. . . Regardless if you are male or female, if you have the necessity to tell the other person you are communicating with, "I am ready to meet you when you are ready", you are actually talking about yourself, and, obviously, not ready Regardless if you are male or female, any "excuse" that you have to give to make the other individual send you their photo is a lie. The only reason you want to see a photo is to see what the other person looks like and if you are physiy attracted to them. There is no other reason. And if you have another reason, then you need to stop lying to yourself FIRST. "The perfect love would be that gives all and expects nothing. It would, of course, be willing and delighted to accept anything it was offered, but it would ask for nothing... for if gives all and asks for nothing, can never be deceived nor disappointed." (Leo Buscaglia) Not Bush, but McCain has only himself to blame for losing. . .when the economic crisis hit if Palin would have immediately resigned and Romney, a brilliant economist and businessman, would have hopped on board. . .Congratulations President McCain. . . Regardless if you are male or female, the most important attributes in finding a suitable mate should be similiar interests, especially in the area of intimacy, intelligence, independence, happiness, conscientiousness, communication skills, feelings-oriented, considerate, compassionate and unselfishness, way, way above and beyond charm, money, confidence, self-esteem and of course "looks". Distance should never ever be an issue when establishing a relationship. If both parties have the will, then both will find the way. Regardless if you are male or female, if you absolutely and completely insist on seeing a photo prior to meeting, and judge the individual soley thereupon, and the reason that you give is you want to know who you are "talking to", grow up and knock it off with lying to yourself, and lying to the other individual, and just consider yourself wholly shallow, judgemental and insecure "Hope is a state of mind, not of the world. Hope in this deep and powerful sense, is not the same as joy that things are going well, or willingness to invest in enterprises that are obviously heading for success, but rather an ability to work for something because it is good." (Vaclav Havel). Our greed-driven economic crisis can most certainly be attributed to, or at least traced back to, the catastrophic defining moments that occurred % "safe sex", without any protection, and NOT have intercourse, or al sex or even anal sex right away, until both parties are completely ready and comfortable, and it is a natural progression, there is absolutely no pressure to "perform" and it will strengthen the bond rather than "hurt" it Regardless if you are male or female, if that individual gets married, and divorced, more than times, then more than likely that individual is falling in love. . .with love How others perceive you and the way you look, the way you think, the way you feel and your interests will ALWAYS affect the way YOU feel about your looks, the way you think, the way you feel and your interests no matter how secure, self-confident and self-assured you are within your own self Any individual, male or female, who tells another individual whom they are interested in dating, and freely gives their number to them, to " me later" or " me at 8 p.m." or " me in a couple of hours" and that person does and the party does not answer and a message is left, if the originating party does not return the and/or ignores it, they are extremely immature, need to stop playing head games and grow up first before dating anyone It's OK to have a fetish, such as erotic, sensual spanking (both giving and receiving) or other light sensual kink, and still be spiritual and/or church-going (PLEASE NOTE: You must enjoy sensual/erotic spanking, both giving and receiving, and be very willing to participate in this activity on a regular basis as I do have this fetish so please be open-minded and non-judgmental-THIS IS A DEALBREAKER YOU MUST ENJOY THIS ACTIVITY) When are we going to stop labeling these extremely selfishly angry, horribly self-centered and attention-starved, unbelievably immature "the world is against me" monstrous, vicious, murderous bastards as being "mentally ill"??????????? First impressions are highly overrated, almost always a complete fallacy and more than likely will turn out to be the wrong impression Gun control or no gun control-doesn't really matter does it?? It is even more scary to think that, no matter where you go or where you are living or where you are at on any particular day, no matter how safe you feel, in reality, you are really not that safe and, in reality, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it If individuals have mutually agreeable feelings and/or beliefs on relevant "issues" yet their social and professional interests and/or tastes vary greatly, these individuals can, and should, try and create a deeper bond, being there already exists common ground and the "opposites attract" philosophy may not only be of benefit to and help further success of the relationship but also to both of their own happiness There would have been no Iraq war, no civil unrest and no troops being unreasonably wounded, maimed, taken away from their families and, sadly, way way WAY too many never even coming home if we had just killed that evil bastard when we found him It is amazing how so many people are so completely dishonest about being honest. . .I mean. . .honestly What goes around comes around. . .always and forever To have anyone tell you that you cannot love and/or like them because you don't love and/or like yourself is a major copout and a bunch of bullshit It's amazing how many people are too lazy to utilize "spell check" "Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly" Sometimes you present yourself as something you are not just to please others "You look for someone to solve your problems, until you realize you are that someone" "You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the other shore" Because you can think about/fantasize about anything, and/or anyone, you want to, masturbation IS always better than the real thing The No. 1 reason people get married, and divorced, is because of loneliness, unhappiness, lack of affection and, most importantly, lack of and/or a need for respect, trust and self-esteem It's OK to be almost 50, never been in love, never had a serious relationship, never been married and never experienced satisfying intimacy "I love you" is the most misused and abused three words in the English language, or in any language, for that matter "The pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, the optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty" You would rather not hurt someone with a little white lie than hurt them with how you really feel or even the real truth The myth that there is someone for everyone is just that "Some people said they found the solution to a bad day in a bottle, drink, joint, pill.....I find the solution to a bad day is to remember those less fortunate than myself and how their day must have been" You are tired of everyone telling you to be patient that the right is out there somewhere and they will appear when you least expect You can't stand to look at yourself naked much less having someone else see you naked The majority have trouble separating fantasy from reality, especially on the Internet You used to be able to put a lot of trust in others but now you are better off trusting only yourself The majority have trouble accepting, loving and caring for those with disabilities, regardless if that may be either mental, emotional, physical or all three (Please note: I suffer from depression and anxiety and I am in therapy and take medication so please be understanding) In regards to intimacy way too much emphasis is placed upon performance rather than mutual pleasure and enjoyment Regardless of the controversies and/or your own beliefs, Michael Moore, Mel Gibson and Kiefer Sutherland are brilliant Regardless if the individual is male or female, if they are not sexually active, there is definitely something wrong with them if they don't masturbate at least every other day You have no trouble asking to see a pic of someone else but shy away when they ask for a pic of you Lately everyone you have met are flakier, selfish, dishonest and self-centered than you imagined and/or thought they would be You feel you are smarter and better looking than what others give you credit for Even if you are all dressed up, you still hate having your photo taken "The only thing that stands between a {person} and what he wants in life is often the will to try and the faith to believe it is possible." "To know what a person is really made of watch how they act when the chips are down and the bad times hit" You are disappointed with every individual you have met in-person that you originally "met" and/or communicated with on-line Condoms are a pain in the ass
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    2011-02-14 19-48-38

    Looking This swm is looking to share the passions of life with a woman, fr looking single Breckenridge Hills om the varied interests in life to what we come to have for each other. I am no Ken, to old for that,, and wont expect a barbie or some pinup girl. However if you are such, I wont run away.... A genuine smile from you, in person or thru your voice is all but guaranteed to melt me. I do ask that if you are real, there is no need t go thru the hoops of some other site to verify anything. Enough emails,here should tell you what you need to know if you feel the need to be cautious before meeting. Now, do you dre write, ask the standard questions, and any nonstandard ones that come to mind so that we might get to know each other?
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    2011-04-15 1-44-05-

    Anyone Looking to rejoice? Really horn sex phone Barnstaple y here have the self no interupctions.... just have a good time and gooin at ti or chill enjoy a conversation and blaze. vers backside here. home alone, would wish to have some company come over obtain cock suck maybe more for those right chemistry, I have condoms in addition to lube. Neg here UBx........ virtually no string fun.......... have other images for trade. Looking for when................ hit me up x/x in addition to poppers friendly. free till any time. hit me up.
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    2011-06-11 21-53-51

    Informal, easy, fun! I was a x yr. old Japanese woman visiting the united states for my fifth ti meet white singles Granum Alberta me. I'm from a small city somewhere between Hiroshima and Osaka. I delight in cooking, organizing, travel, meeting families from other countries, reading on the subject of economic history, and going to make sure you Mariners games. I grew up in any traditional Japanese home, and I accustomed to live in Kobe. I recently have moved oh no - my home town in Okazaki, japan. I am looking for a relationship with someone on the US. I would like to this point someone who likes Asian lifestyle, who has a good sense of humor (but I have problems knowledge Italian jokes), and someone who's responsible (works hard or possesses a good work ethic). I try hard to help individuals who I care about and I've got many friends from all around the world. My English is limited immediately, because Ive had three years of age of not practicing!
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    2011-08-02 13-54-50

    Exploring x NSF Today/Nite Top here hunting for some NSF Tonite.. Be meet, A Bttm, and Hairy A++ And Real.. Your Stats get quarry. Free till xpm or and so.. Hit me back.. mature sex Sugar Land TX
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    2011-09-28 6-48-37-

    Adorable Bi SBF Seeks Cute Bi SBM Together lets watch the sun's rays sink into any lost coast from contentment, or watch an intimate movie with a good looki black lesbian porn Clarks Louisiana ng ending. Hold me close my precious.. Lay me down under a giant redwood and make love to me till were . Allow my heart to clean all your loves you away. Well plant nighttime blooming jasmine within the garden together and then kiss till typiy the sunrise.
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    2011-10-03 13-43-48

    a single track mind! I am looking to produce a connection with people. I love to search out and associate, dance, take taking walks, or just ch free sex with patna woman eck out tv. I have various unique interests plus a lot to say want to text/talk so decline me a set. We can get acquainted with eachother and watch where it travels.
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    2012-01-01 18-57-14

    Girlfriend student or staff free room to get rent in need of attractive girl who need place to live... beautiful condo on the game..... looking to barter. top uk dating sites Deerton Michigan
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    2012-01-16 9-39-07-

    Starting off Over I'm planning to correspond, meet, delight in time, whatever, with the available, active, straightforward and interesting man. horny fucking Greenwood Springs Mississippi Based on my personal situation (separated though not yet divorced), My business is not ready in order to jump into things serious. I'm x'x" tall around my bare feet, curvy or heavy build (my extra padding was in my hips/thighs), brunette with blue eyes, active, outgoing, brilliant, funny, financially obtain, young at heart, professional, with a pursuit in sports, the outdoors, music, the martial arts disciplines, travel and various other things. If that you are unched, mature, large, active, funny, interesting to talk with, and are OK with almost all my ibutes, you need to email me. No age restrictions but I prefer men older compared with x and young enough they haven't retired though. Race is not important. An articulate and responsive email definitely will catch my ntion much higher than a or a pair of line response. .
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    2012-06-10 4-11-50-

    % Legitimate pics and % Separate One I'm looking forward to brightening up your day or night through my seductive personality and charm. x-x x I'm eq divorce dating Wilson WI uipped and available. Pretty and sweet. Interesting and spontaneous. Nine x I will be independent and When i drive myself. � Hardly any RuSh� Jazzy.
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    2012-07-21 16-41-08

    wanna meet a lady today in decatur its the weekend and i must have some excitement, am trying to fine women to spend an afternoon with today maybe during a hotel or your home. i want som lonely mature Portland eone that is certainly drug and disease free my business is also. i simply want to have fun and perhaps build a relationship with someone regarding the ageof x andx. was cute black individual. you can dispatch your number, a photo or email correct.
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    2012-12-16 14-08-08

    Its a very nice night Its a very great night tonight. Anyone up to make it even much better? Email me any stats with 'fall' for the subject. austrian swingers Grubbs Arkansas
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    2013-04-01 2-29-51-

    I Kissed Her.. Well I Intend Too I Wanna kiss her, thats all I seem consi hot personals Lake Alfred Florida dering lately why? I haven't a clue maybe I just need to get it out my system, Document don't wanna make out just any person. I wanna talk and know you before many of us kiss isnt that how it performs? I'm a plus size Caramel King but I carry it well, if you can be that friend in my position get at every XOXO.
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    2015-06-02 5-56-44-

    ((((((((((((((bombshell‼ )))))))))))) now i'm looking to add some spice to my well being. not intending to have seriou gangbang escorts Gettysburg Ohio s but you can't control how the very center reacts so i'm open to the possibilities... want someone who realizes that i am betrothed, but have been unhappy for quite sometime. i can address myself, but anways, i do enjoy being special and spoiled in occassion. i at all times show extreme gratitude!
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    2015-08-10 22-36-55

    Looking x somebody Any single fine but honest's man left that they are my friend? My Birthd sex hot online in Hedgesville West Virginia ay bash is tomorrow, so let get together and go can see a movie: -) But Need to see your photograph first and respond with me pix when you're my type of man I wish to hang out using. I'm real, hence please be real, btw, to those crazy's person who always pretended someone emailed me prior to now, stop that ish's sport already, go purchase a life!!!
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    2015-12-01 21-23-46

    Purple sweater within the Air Show We saw oneself yesterday at the atmosphere Show. You were being dressed in a black shirt which includes a purple sweater around it. free live webcam Cape Girardeau You were capturing of your ren(twins My spouse and i believe). We made eye contact a pair times and all of us exchanged smiles some times also. I doubt that you're going to see this but if you carry out, I would really like to have know you greater.
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