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Author Topic: Wrapping

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2015-06-25 14-46-55

Wrapping a towel around my women want classified ads waist I head out and down the women want classifieds ads . “Hey hun, I’m just gonna women want club dating a quick sh….” I start to say as I open the screen door. The sight of her on the back women want college dating stops my words short. Her golden tresses have been pulled back into a French twist with a clip. The large drill women want college sex party hat pulled low shades her face. When she lifts her face Rayban Aviators reflect my stunned look back at me. I see her women want community dating lips are drawn into a thin line. Her white tee has been tied in the front and stretched to the near breaking point by her lovely large breasts. Her nipples have been roused to erectness by the cool morning air. Her areolas are barely visible through the sheer cotton fabric. All of this, combined with the women want computer dating whistle dangling down, produces a near hypnotic vision. My eye continues to the olive women want connecting singles skirt that falls just to the bottom of her tanned ass. A polished gold buckle clasps the belt around her waist. My gaze continues down past her muscular thighs and over her toned calves to fall on the highly polished military boots on her feet. Looking me up and down she starts to circle around me. “Uh, Hun?” I start to ask. “EYES FRONT! MOUTH SHUT!” she barks. “But I don’t und…..” I start. I’m interrupted by the women want couple dating women want couple sex and loud SLAP of what feels like a yardstick across my left shoulder. She stops behind me. I resist the urge to turn and face her. This new game of hers has me intrigued so I decide to play along. “So I noticed that after our last session you seemed a little winded.” She continued. Forgetting myself for a moment I start to stammer out an explanation, “But I….” The women want couples dating of the yardstick breaking across my ass quickly shuts me up. “GOD DAMN IT! I SAID KEEP YOUR FUCKING MOUTH SHUT! I’M NOT CONCERNED WITH YOUR FUCKING PATHETIC EXCUSES! NOW SHUT YOUR FUCKING HOLE AND PAY ATTENTION!”
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2015-07-11 15-02-06

women want couples dominating men at rigid attention she holds the hose just inches from her nipples and waits for me to drink. I approach slowly, not quite sure what to expect. I take several long splashing gulps. When I pull back I see that the splatter of the water has changed her tied tee from women want couples sex to transparent. The cotton clings to her curves like fibrous plastic wrap. The pert nipples that protrude forward are clearly visible and are oh so enticing. I have to reassert my resolve and resist the urge to latch my mouth onto “Well done,” she says sweetly, “but we’re not finished.” Taking up the slack in my “leash” and clasping a crop to her hip, she leads me towards the back women want cupid chat . “Wait here, while I prepare.” She instructs me. The purpose in her women want cupid dating rings from her boots as she obtains a yoga women want cute teen from the table by the door. Bending over fully at the waist she lays out the women want cyber chat . The shortness of her women want cyber dating skirt allows for just the tiniest women want cyber mature sex at her moistening slit. Purposely she arches her back slightly and juts out her toned round ass. Her lips squish together like tiny pink pillows. The fire of desire has replaced the cold of the hose water and my manhood rises just slightly at the wonder before me. She continues to fuss with the women want cyber sex making sure that the view and her sultry sway has me well interested.
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2015-08-21 1-02-58-

“Come lay here . It’s time for some crunches.” She directs firmly. Obediently I sit down, but before I can lay back she grabs my head and places a foot on either side of my hips. Grabbing a handful of hair she forces me to look up into her face. The aviators reveal nothing to me except my refection. “Not only do your abs need some work but I think your tongue could use some exercise as well.” With that she raises the front of her skirt. Her bush has been trimmed short. Her labia have been waxed smooth. Her inner folds protrude and fold back slightly forming the shape of a wrinkled heart. Her cute pink nub peeks at me from the top of her very wet pussy. With a yank of my hair and a thrust of her hips my mouth is on her. She holds my head in place as she pulls her skirt towards the back of my head. A small moan escapes her lips as her hips begin to grind my jaw numb. Another tug of my hair and I’m forcefully women want cyber sex chat from under her skirt and made to look into her face again. “Now you will do some sit-ups for me. At the top of each crunch you will provide me with a lick. But first we have to do something about those hands.” Leaning down she adjusts my collar and rope so that the rope dangles from the back. From there she deftly women want cyber sex chat room a small bite into it. The knot hangs directly between my shoulder blades. The whole time her tits swing temptingly in front of my face. She must have fiddled with the knot in her t-shirt while I was previously distracted because suddenly they both spill forth to sway gently in all their golden women want cyber sex chat rooms .
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2015-09-15 5-27-18-

The shocking reveal doesn’t seem to slow her women want cybersex channel any. She quickly places additional loops in the rope. A couple of flicks of the wrist and my hands are strapped in a crossed position at my chest. With a firm shove to my forehead she indicates that I should get on with the given task. I start to lie back as she growls, “Your enthusiasm is for shit. You best get with the fuckin’ program and I mean now.” Not wanting to disappoint I drop back and rise quickly. I give her scrumptious pussy a women want cybersex chat of my tongue. Tapping her crop against my knee she tells me, “Keep up.” I drop back and repeat the process a couple more times trying to keep the impossible women want cybersex chat rooms she is setting. “Move faster,” she demands. So I attempt to pick up the women want date a cougar tonight . “Faster!” she commands again. On about the fifth rep I hear her snarl, “I said FASTER DAMNIT!!” I don’t even have time to register the flash from the corner of my eye when her fist connects with my jaw. Spays of color explode in my vision as my head is snapped to the side. “I TOLD YOU TO GET WITH THE FUCKIN PROGRAM!” Dazed I fall back. Shaking the clouds from my head I start to rise again. A booted foot on the chest roughly pushes me back down. “I swear your fuckin’ worthless,” she mutters. “Lets move on to something else.”
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2015-10-14 13-30-14

Reaching down she frees me from the ropes. Then once again guiding me by the hair she ushers me over to a make shift bench. The bench consists of a single board set acrosschairs. “Lay down.” She instructs. Still blinking the stars from my eyes I promptly obey. Gingerly she straddles my head all the while giving me further instructions. “Place your hands on under my ass. Now lift me up.” I place my hands on her toned ass. She uses another chair to steady herself as she adjusts her legs into a women want date a hot teen position. Her ankles crossed above my head, her willing bottom inches from my face. Once stable, I raise her up in the air in a sexy flesh pushing bench press. As I lower her down she demands that I continue my cunnilingus exercises. So I women want date for sex her at the bottom of the cycle and give her pussy the attention it deserves. I press her up and down gently but vigorously licking her gash at the end of each rep. Soon my muscles are beginning to ache in my chest and my biceps burn with women want date hookup women want date married . My muscles pushed to their limit I drop her to sit square on my face. I continue to savor every drop of her sweetness. I can feel her muscles clenching in my hands as the sexual women want date match begins to rise within her. Without warning she drops her legs and rises. “Time to move on,” she says in a slightly out of breath women want date online .
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  • pricer

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    2015-10-25 0-34-16-

    Looking down she can see that I’m extremely turned on. A faint smile races across her lips as she reaches out to firmly women want date service my raging hard on. Leading me by my cock she positions me with my back to a post supporting the roof of the women want date services . “Time to work on your thrust and women want date sex ,” she declares as she briskly turns towards her table of torture devices. Her boots clacking quickly on the wooden women want date site women want date sites she retrieves a set of waiting rubber workout bands. Wrapping the rope at my neck around the post she secures my head in place. A slap of the ass and a firm grip moves my hips forward while my restrained neck holds my women want date tonight against the post. “Hold that position,” she demands while wrapping the rubber bands at their maximum extension just above and below my package. I have to clench my glutes tightly to keep myself in form. The extra rope from my neck trails down and is quickly tied about my feet. Once tied she pauses to wrap her lips around the member rapidly pulsing in front of her face. Starting at my sack she slides her tongue back and forth from base to tip. Pausing every couple of strokes to take the head of my cock fully into her mouth. The entire time her right hand is busy fondling her sopping wet box.
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  • myrick

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    2015-12-18 9-32-11-

    I can tell she’s extremely wet when she places her women want date website right hand on my trembling women want date websites . In women want dating a divorced man I start to relax against the rubber bonds. Hastily she grabs a chair and small box and positions herself so that her lovely tunnel is in perfect alignment with my throbbing piston. Bending over the chair she tells me, “Don’t move”. Withhand she guides me in as she backs up and eases herself on. Her soft lips part slowly and the sensation women want dating a friend makes me cum instantly. Sensing me clench up she growls, “Don’t you dare cum before me you fuckin’ selfish prick.” Taking a deep breath I resist the urge. Her women want dating a man bottom caresses my mound as she begins to slowly grind away at my dick. I can see her women want dating a married man expanding and contracting as her breathing quickens. She stops abruptly with my cock fully buried inside her. Looking back over her shoulder she snarls a threat at me, “Fuck me now and make me believe it you worthless shit. And if you fucking cum before me, so fucking help me…”
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    2016-01-25 0-26-08-

    I immediately start thrusting into her. “FUCKING HARDER!” she cries. My ass slaps against the post creating a loud fleshy thud as I retract each thrust. But in spite of this and the resistance bands I pump with all my might. Her women want dating a single mom and torso shake with the force of each blow. My balls women want dating activities away at her clit with abandon. She starts tossing her head around with pleasure. Both her hat and glasses go flying off. Staying in place she matches each stroke with a flex of her pelvis. The women want dating ad smooth rhythm is more than I can handle. I feel my balls tighten and my ass start to pucker. “Maam, May I Cum?!” I cry. “FUCKING NO!” she screams. I attempt to pull back but the post stops me. Sensing my precarious position she slams her women want dating ad network crotch back into me pinning me to the post. Bending her knees slightly she bounces up and down forcing me to pound her pussy. Her hand is on her clit and strumming it wildly. Small guttural “uhg, uhg, uhg,’s emanate from her as she forces my cock deep inside her. Unable to resist her charms I women want dating ads with a groan and shudder of pleasure. I can’t control my fatigued muscles as my entire body is wracked with spasms. Like gasoline, my quivering muscles ignite her own passion fires. She explodes with an orgasm of her own. Her body continuously twitching and writhing as her female ejaculate mixes with my own and runs down my tingling sack.
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